Activities Requiring Permits

Dane County Parks Activities Requiring Permits

The activities below require a permit.

These permits may be purchased online or by contacting the Dane County Parks Office at 608-224-3730. 

How to Display Permits

Purchase Permits Online

These permits may be purchased and/or obtained by contacting the Dane County Parks Office at 608-224-3730.

  • Metal Detecting (PDF)
  • Star Gazing
  • Public meetings, assemblies, tournaments, entertainment.
  • Exclusive use of facilities (shelters and Lussier Family Heritage Center).
  • Selling or offering for sale anything in the park.
  • Landing aircraft or dropping any objects from the air.
  • Mooring a boat for more than two days.
  • Possessing or drinking alcoholic beverages.
  • After hours use of the parks (10 pm - 5 am, unless otherwise posted, for non-camping visitors)
  • Special Event


The activities below do not require a permit.

Geocaching no longer requires a Dane County Parks permit.  For specific rules concerning requirements for use in Dane County Parks, please visit the Dane County Parks Geocache Information at the Wisconsin Geocaching Association website. 

Snowshoeing does not require a permit and is allowed throughout Dane County Parks except on designated cross-county ski trails.  On-leash dogs with permits are welcome to accompany snowshoers.