Archery Hunting

2019 Limited Access Archery Permits for Fall Deer and Turkey Hunting

The Dane County Archery Hunting Program is an online application and permit selection process developed to ensure that patrons have an equal opportunity to receive an access permit. Applications are selected through a computer-generated lottery drawing. Each person may apply only once. Applicants may select up to three properties.

If you applied in 2018 and were not selected for a permit you will have increased odds of being selected for the current year.

Application Information

  • Applications for the 2019 Limited Access Archery Permits will be accepted beginning Monday, July 22, 2019 through Tuesday, August 20, 2019 at 11:59 PM. Late applications will not be accepted.
  • A nonrefundable $3.00 application fee will be charged for all applications submitted. The cost of the Access Permit is an additional $14.00 to successful applicants. These costs cover administration of the program.
  • Only one application per person will be allowed. Applicants with multiple applications will be disqualified from participating in the lottery.
  • An applicant (16-years and older) can only apply once for one fall archer permit. The application process registers you for an opportunity to be drawn for an “access-only” permit for one (1) of the eligible Dane County Park properties. All valid Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources (WI DNR) deer harvest tag(s) and/or fall turkey permit are still required to harvest a deer or turkey. Applicants will be able to select up to three properties in the order of preference for properties for which they would be willing to receive a permit. Only one application per person may be submitted and only one permit per person will be awarded if selected in the lottery drawing. If selected, applicants will be awarded their first available property choice. If an applicant is found to have applied more than once, then that applicant will forfeit their privilege to participate in the program and forfeit all current and future applications.
  • Youth 15-years of age and younger are welcome to accompany and hunt under the guidance of a limited access permit holder.
  • Generally, there are more applicants then permits available. See the statistics tab for more information.
  • Hunters (and any accompanying youths) applying for this permit must purchase all necessary WI DNR licenses and permits and strictly follow all WI DNR hunting rules for the Management Area in which they will archery hunt. Visit WI DNR’s website for more information.

Lottery Drawing Information

First Drawing:

  • The first drawing will be Thursday, August 22, 2019. Successful applicants will be notified via email. Lottery drawing results will be available at the Dane County Parks Office. Access permits must be purchased in person at the Dane County Parks Office between 8:00 AM and 4:00 PM week days, prior to 4:00 PM on Wednesday, September 4, 2019, or will be forfeited and entered into a second drawing.

Second Drawing (if required):

  • A second drawing will occur on Thursday, September 5, 2019 for any permits which are unclaimed after the deadline. All applicants who did not receive a permit in the first drawing will automatically be entered into the second drawing. Successful applicants will be notified via email. Lottery drawing results will be available at the Dane County Parks Office. Second Drawing permits must be purchased in person at the Parks office by 4:00 PM on Wednesday, September 11, 2019, or will be forfeited and available for purchase on a first-come first-served basis at the Parks Office on Thursday, September 12, 2019 starting at 7:45 AM. 
2019 - All archery permits have been claimed.  Thank you for your interest!


Use the following link to begin your online registration:

There are specific rules that apply to this program. Please read through these rules before applying for a permit.


Please contact us with any questions or concerns: