Invasive Species

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What are Invasive Species?

Humans move organisms around all the time. Sometimes when a non-native species is brought into a new area, it may spread rapidly and widely throughout the area and cause major harm to the native ecosystem and humans. When non-native plants, animals, or pathogens quickly take over a new location and alter the ecosystem, they are considered to be invasive.  

How do they become a problem?

One of the reasons that invasive species are able to thrive in a new ecosystem is that they often do not have the predators and competitors they had in their native ecosystem. Without these natural checks and balances they are able to reproduce rapidly and out-compete native species.   The net result is a loss of diversity of native plants and animals as invasive species multiply and take over. 

Dane County Integrated Pest Management Plan

The purpose of Integrated Pest Management (IPM) is to protect the county lands by controlling pests which includes controlling woody and herbaceous pests (mainly invasive species) and destructive insects in the most efficient and practical means available.