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Dane County Parks & Open Space Plan

The Dane County Parks and Open Space Plan is a countywide comprehensive outdoor recreation and natural resource plan that is updated every five years to maintain eligibility for State Stewardship grant funds. Updates to the plan include identifying recreational needs and significant natural, cultural, and historical resources in the county to be considered for protection.  

Dane County Parks facilitated five public information meetings throughout the planning process to solicit input on the plan update from citizens and stakeholders. As an added outreach effort, Dane County Parks prepared a survey to further explore the overall public awareness of the park system and any improvements that could be made to promote a larger and more diverse group of users.

We received over 1,178 responses which are summarized in the POSP Survey Results. The survey results are one of multiple planning considerations to determine park system needs and guide the planning process. Thank you to everyone who participated!

The 2018-23 Dane County Parks & Open Space Plan was adopted by the Dane County Board on April 12, 2018.