Dog Park Sticker Design Contest


Dogs at Prairie Moraine Dog Park
Prairie Moraine Dog Park
Steve Dalhlgren - Dog Grin Photography

Dane County Parks is a national leader in the development of off-leash dog parks.  We now have seven off-leash dog parks, totaling 229 acres, each with its own unique features and terrain. Our dog parks are some of the busiest parks in the county and consistently sweep local “favorite dog park” polls. We are also part of a Cooperative Dog Park Program which allows residents to access our dog parks along with City of Madison, City of Sun Prairie, and City of Middleton dog parks with a single dog permitEach entity keeps the permit fees that it brings in to support its own dog parks. 


Contest Details

In order to celebrate these popular and beloved parks we plan on creating a dog park sticker series (similar to what has been created for National Parks). This would allow dog park users to show off their favorite parks and raise money to support the dog park program. We envision this being a series of nine stickers, one general one and eight dog park specific ones:

The public will vote on the design submissions to help us choose the winner. The winning designer will be recognized in all promotion of the sticker and will receive a $50 Dane County Parks gift certificate, good for park permits, camping or shelter reservations.



  • Size: sticker shape is up to the designer but it must fit within a 4x4 inch area. 
  • One sticker must include the phrase "Dane County Dog Parks" and each of the others should focus on one specific dog park and include the park's name (listed above).
  • Art should be a high resolution vector format (such as an .eps or .ai file)
  • By submitting a design, you are agreeing to let us use it for sticker printing without any expectation of financial compensation.

Designs must be submitted by May 1, 2020. Email for a folder link where you can submit your designs. 


Dog Parks Photos

If you haven't been to all of our dog parks and want some inspiration you can view photos of each of the parks online. If you have questions about the contest or want to help us by adding dog park photos to our galleries, please email: