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Volunteer for Fall Prairie Seed Collection

Experience the beauty of prairie plants up close, learn about the species and help collect seed for future prairie plantings. 

Please contact us for more information: Lars Higdon (608) 245-6898; Wayne Pauly (608) 575-0396; or Rhea (608) 224-3601

Located in south-central Wisconsin, Dane County Parks offers a variety of recreational opportunities for the outdoor enthusiast.  Natural environments are venues for quiet getaways as well as unique locations for your special event.  Dane County Parks is dedicated to making your experience enjoyable and takes an active role to enhance and preserve the county’s finest natural resources.

Dane County Parks welcomes 2.5 million visitors annually and manages
over 12,000 acres of land including:
Donations, Memorials and Planned Giving:

Your tax-deductible donation will help us continue to maintain and improve the Dane County Park System. A variety of donation and memorial options are available.